State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our goal at Infinity Dental Care is to provide the highest quality patient care and comfort. Our team of dental experts combined with our relaxing atmosphere will put you at ease as we make your smile shine!

Relax in our soothing massage chairs and watch your favorite tv/sports program or movie while we do all of the work! Patient monitors allow us to share with you photos, videos, and x-rays that help us in the diagnosis and treatment of your mouth, allowing you to participate as much as possible in planning, and education for prevention! Dual monitors allow us to work and plan, while you watch tv, or listen to your favorite music. Our entire office uses digital imaging for x-ray taking. This means that we use approximately 1/3 the amount of radiation of standard x-ray machines, and images are displayed immediately, reducing time and making your appointment very efficient. The images displayed are excellent quality, allowing for exceptional diagnosis and treatment accuracy. Vista Clear and Vista Pure in-office water purification system eliminates any potential source of infection, and provides our patients with the cleanest, freshest water at all times. This ensures your comfort and safety. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, and you are welcome to tour the office, including our centrally located sterilization area and in-office lab facility.
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