Dentistry for Kids

Dr. Shirey and her dental team LOVE WORKING WITH CHILDREN!! The energy, enthusiasm, and inquisitiveness of kids brightens our day, and we enjoy the challenge of doing dentistry �on their level.� Using a variety of techniques and language they have learned over years of working with children, they will make your child feel comfortable, safe and relaxed, so they enjoy their dental visit.


At Infinity Dental Care, we treat children of all ages. We recommend bringing your child in as early as possible for their intial visit, where we will discuss with parents and children proper hygiene and nutrition to prevent caries and other dental problems. We will evaluate all of the tissues and eruption patterns of teeth to make sure your child is developing normally and will have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!! Our motto for children is: �PREVENTION IS KEY!!� Therefore, all questions are welcome, and it is never too early for an initial exam. Treatment, if needed, can be rendered on children as early as 2 years old.

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