Infinity Dental care is a mercury-free practice, meaning we do not place alloy or �silver� fillings. All permanent fillings placed in our office are tooth-colored composite resin fillings. These fillings are durable, tissue compatible, kind to the opposing teeth, and stain resistant. This type of filling allows us to preserve the greatest amount of healthy, natural tooth structure, keeping the fillings as small as possible to extend the life of the teeth. We use a strong bonding system to bond the fillings to the teeth, producing strong, long-lasting restorations. Composite fillings are made from inert, non-toxic ingredients, and are unnoticeable as they blend in with the surrounding tooth.

The result is a beautiful smile!

Replacing Silver Fillings with a Tooth Colored Restoration

It is your decision whether or not to replace any old mercury-silver fillings, and we recommend having the dentist evaluate any existing fillings for signs of wear, margin breakdown, breakage, or decay. The dental profession now knows that by unavoidable design, �silver� fillings ultimately result in a weaker tooth structure, which can occasionally lead to fracture lines and new cavities, occasionally leading to lengthy, expensive treatment such as crowns and root canals. We will work with you to determine if it would be best to replace old silver fillings, and welcome any questions you may have.


Occasionally, we will recommend an inlay or onlay to replace old fillings. This is a two-step procedure. At your first appointment, the old filling and any decay are removed. An impression is made of your teeth and sent to the lab. A temporary onlay/inlay is placed on the tooth while the dental lab fabricates a meticulously designed porcelain restoration. At the second appointment, the temporary is removed, the tooth is cleaned, and the porcelain restoration is cemented to place.

Your teeth are restored to a natural look and feel, they are stronger and the tooth is protected!


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