Care and Concern

A great question to ask of your new dentist is �What motivates you?� Dr. Shirey�s main motivation is in the title of her business: Infinity Dental CARE. After 5 years in the dental field, Dr. Shirey decided to open a practice where she could properly care for her patients. She spends time listening to her patients and getting to know their needs. We strive to personalize and customize each patient�s visit, including a customized oral health care plan for each person.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

All digital radiology allows for unequaled, instant diagnostics, and reduces the amount of radiation exposure to 1/3 that of normal radiograph machines. Monitors can display videos, x-rays and photos so our dental professionals can discuss with you each aspect of your treatment and prevention needs. Our intraoral camera can take close-up photos of any tooth or tissue which has a suspicious area, helping us to explain needs, and compare things over time.

No Sales Pressure

While we are a full-scope dental practice, offering a variety of family and cosmetic services, you will never be pressured to purchase unnecessary products or procedures. At your request, we will be happy to make suggestions for improving your smile.


It is our goal to make your dental visits as pleasurable as possible. We have hand chosen one of the most comfortable dental chairs offered, with an optional soft massaging feature. You can relax and watch your favorite tv show or movie, or can listen to the radio or itunes, while we make your smile shine! We have 2 separate waiting areas, with complimentary beverages, for your comfort. You can also enjoy a relaxing facial after any dental procedure, with Deb Daniel, our licensed esthetician.

Efficiency and Planning

We respect your time, and strive to keep each appointment on schedule, with minimal wait times. If you have dental insurance, our insurance coordinator will be happy to verify benefits prior to your appointment, so there is no unnecessary waiting or surprise hidden fees. When developing any treatment plan, we do our best to estimate costs and insurance benefits on the front end, so you can plan well.

We are Available for You!

We take our time with each patient, discussing each and every concern. We are happy to discuss your treatment plan with you until all of your questions are answered. We are available after hours on an as-needed basis for dental emergencies, or questions about recently performed procedures.


We offer a variety of financing plans to help make your healthcare more affordable, including two options with 0% APR for up to 24 months. Please ask our staff if you would like to consider financing options.

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